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Bedroom Design Idea – Mirrors Over Nightstands

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Your master bedroom has to be uniquely yours. For that reason, homeowners everywhere are looking for unique decorating ideas to retreat to a space that no one else can replicate. Some might choose custom monogrammed pillows and bedding, while others may go for heirloom furniture or imported wallpaper. One trend that has caught some traction as of late are mirrors pinned behind nightstands. Not only can they add light and make some unfortunately small bedrooms larger, but they also frame the bed and bring an extra layer of design.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom Design
Creative Interiors and Design – A wood bed and nightstands in a fancy gray wash stain are matched with oversized silver frame mirrors on each side of the bed.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom Design
Creative Interiors and Design – Petal sunburst mirrors add fun and modern chic to the turquoise bed.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom Design
Heather Scott Home – mirrored nightstands reflect back the misty blues and grays from the outside skyview and do not overpower the calm color palette.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom Design
Jamie Herzlinger – ornate gold mirrors match the headboard to bring the bedroom together.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom Design
Insignia Design Group – floor-to-ceiling inset mirrors anchor the oversized upholstered headboard in place.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom Design
Carla Aston – light was much needed with these blue walls, so mirrors were used to open up the space.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom Design
Jane Lockhart – it might be hard to see the mirrors with the plush, oversized pillows and gorgeous trimwork on the walls, but they’re there.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom Design
Thompson Custom Homes – Moroccan design tends to use intricate pieces, so these round mirrors probably feel right at home.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom Design
Berens Interiors – by itself, this purple headboard may be seen as oversized, but with these mirrors, its size is toned down.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom DesignCathy Kert Interiors – the white and neutral tones of this feminine bedroom are broken up with these large mirrors hanging off of ropes.

Mirrors over nightstands | Bedroom DesignW.B. Homes – these gold mirrors mimicking tree branches make this master bedroom truly unique.

Brown and White Bedrooms

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Huge contrasts in color make up for some of the richest rooms in interior design, especially when a dark color is placed next to a pristine white. Here are some examples of master bedrooms where rich brown was juxtaposed with white.

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsFloor-to-ceiling bookcase nightstands frame an upholstered bed against a brown wall. Designed by J.D. Ireland.

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsThis guest bedroom by Carla Aston goes through an array of whites and browns to add depth and serenity.

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsA glamorous master bedroom by Lewis Giannoulias Interiors.

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsA dark brown poster bed blends in with the chocolate brown walls in this Los Angeles home by Tracy Murdock Interior Design. Pristine white bedding and chairs break up the brown.

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsThe walnut brown ceiling beams and flooring in a Houston, Texas bedroom create a sharp, but clean contrast. By Jauregui Architects.

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsThis hidden gem in Chicago’s Lakeview is all about romance with low lighting on the walls and a crystal chandelier. Created by Rugo Raff Architects.

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsHow about this amazing bed by Mary Meinz Design in this Scottsdale, Arizona home?

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsA tufted headboard in white fits perfectly in a wall niche painted in a sandy sienna brown. By Orange Coast Interior Design.

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsTan dominates this bedroom in Denver, Colorado, but elements of brown and white are still present. Courtesy of Chalet Development.

Lauren Sachs Designs used a contemporary accent wall in a Washington, DC home to inspire their design.

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsWhat else to expect from a master bedroom in a house in Las Vegas than plush and luxurious pillows? Designed by Interiors by Cary Vogel.

Brown and White Interiors | Master BedroomsHow about this contemporary wall installation in Miami, Florida by Decorators Unlimited that makes the bed look as if it was built on-site?

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10 Amazing Upholstered Headboards

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Break up hard, massive, wooden furniture with the softness of upholstered headboards. The following are 10 designer rooms with dreamy beds.

A fun, eclectic mix of colors and styles, this bold headboard is made for those who are young at heart (Courtesy Lindsay Speace).
If it weren’t for the rose details in the wallpaper and bedding, you might actually think you’re on cloud nine on this soft blue bed (Courtesy Tobi Fairley).
We loved the unique shade of brown that was matched to the ikat pattern (Courtesy Paula Jimenez Design).
The scale of this headboard that spans to the ceiling alone is reason enough to mention it. But, this rooms continues to amaze with its one-of-a-kind built-in concept (Courtesy Jessica Helgerson Interior Design).
Plush purple fabrics, golden walls, furniture with arched details. You guessed it, this Moroccan-inspired room made the list with its unique headboard (Courtesy Jason Ball Interiors).
On its own, this Panama City, FL headboard may look a bit strange. If you saw this bed alone in a store, your little one would probably yell out, “Mommy, why is there a hole in that bed?!” Luckily, this picture reveals the true meaning of custom. This headboard and mirror are literally made for each other (Courtesy Lindsay Miller Interior Design).
While the playful fabric of this headboard is interesting, its plain shape is enough to lose interest. However, when we saw the striped accent fabric and absolutely adorable ties on the side, we forgot the shape, color and room this headboard was in. We’d love to see a children’s room with these details (Courtesy Taylor Interior Design).
This tufted headboard in a smoky green is extended just enough to create an inviting guest bedroom with two twin beds (Courtesy Insignia Design Group).
We love this entire room, but since we’d like to stay on topic, we’ll say that we love the idea of these upholstered details. Each panel is outlined by nailheads meticulously. The blue and brown pillows elevate the whole look (Courtesy Carla Aston).
Is it the deep blue color, the golden piping, or the Portman shape? We can’t decide what we like the most about this bed, but we’re certain it belongs on this list (Courtesy Shell Brothers Design).

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How to Create a Cozy Guest Bedroom

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Looking for a place for your guests to call home while they are staying with you? Don’t think that just tossing your kid out of his room and throwing on some new sheets is going to do the trick. It’s still going to look and feel like a kid’s room. It’s also going to look as though you decided that move on the spur of the moment. If you want your guests to feel welcome and wanted, a few easy steps can be taken to ensure just that. You can even use the kid’s room. The important thing is to prepare for the comfort of your guest in a manner that allows your guest to know that you care enough to take the time to plan ahead.

Even a small, previously occupied space can become a welcoming guestroom in a matter of minutes. Plus, you can have a lot of fun creating different themes for your guestroom. If you follow these tips, you can provide a nice cozy guestroom that has your guests coming back for more.

  • Change the sheets to a set that is appropriate for the age and sex of your guest.
  • Remove personal items from the nightstand.
  • Add a small reading lamp on the nightstand, nearby table, or a clip on version to the headboard.
  • Additionally, place a book, crossword puzzle book and pencil, magazines, or daily newspaper within easy reach. A small note tablet, pen, and an area map are also good ideas.
  • If one isn’t already in the room, add a small chair. This is especially nice for older guests who might find the comfort of the bed a bit too much for certain tasks. Additionally, a chair can double as a suitcase rack.
  • If the size of the room allows for the addition of a few items, place an alarm clock, wireless phone, hand mirror, or circulating fan in the room.
  • Place a freshly laundered blanket at the bottom of the bed.
  • Just in case your guest did not bring her own, make up an attractive basket of personal toiletry essentials and place on the top of the vanity or near the door. Include shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, comb, and dental floss.
  • Have a set of guest towels at the ready for your guest. Place them at the bottom of the bed with the blanket, on the vanity, or the chair.
  • Add a small vase of fresh flowers.
  • Place a wrapped chocolate or mint on the bed pillow.

If you set the stage for comfort before your guest arrives, your guest will feel welcome and wanted. Make it easy for yourself and create a checklist that you can reuse every time that you have overnight company. Keep it in the linen closet with the extra blankets, the basket for the personal items, or some other handy spot. If your overnight guests visit sporadically, consider purchasing trial size products for the personal items.